2019 is the Year of the Student Journalist.


2019 Year of the Student Journalist logo provided by the Student Press Law Center.

Tribal Times, Media Dept.

FROM THE STUDENT PRESS LAW CENTER: Brave, dedicated student journalists report important stories and produce content that shines a light on their community. Sometimes they are the only reporters in the room at important public meetings. They often break stories through diligent investigation and good reporting. Yet student journalists are continually threatened by censorship, retaliation, budget cuts, lack of access and many other challenges. Their advisers are also sometimes threatened for standing up for students’ First Amendment rights. Few people understand the important contributions that journalism education makes to civic life. So, in order to fix that, 2019 is the Year of the Student Journalist!

Kecoughtan High School has been the home of over 500 journalists, striving for everyday greatness that journalists exemplify, it stands to reason that Kecoughtan has a famous tradition of journalism from sports to controversy. Let’s make 2019 the year of Kecoughtan student journalists by thanking a current member of Tribal Times or a former member of Tribal Tales. With fear of censorship or lack of access, these brave student journalists are the reason the freedom of the press is apparent in our great school. This is the time where the training of journalists to uphold the truth is crucial in helping the fight against false journalism and striving to return journalism to the former glory it once held. According to the National Council for the Training of Journalists, high school is where student journalists learn and demonstrate the life of a professional journalist. diligence and ethics are crucial for any professional journalist and you learn them as a student journalist, like a professional athlete, everything you do will always begin in high school.