The 15th Villa (Part 2)

The 15th Villa (Part 2)

Kassidy Snow, Lead Journalist

“Mom no, just no. I’ll be too shy to talk to any of them let alone pair up with one of them.” I say and walk to my room. I pack some books and all my Art and Drawing things. It takes around three hours to pack my things so when I’m done I grab my bags and go downstairs. When I get down their the person from earlier is in the living room with a hood on and a long cloak so i can’t see who it is.


“Zena Gardner come with me.” they say and walk out the door. I look at my brother and he shrugs so I follow the cloaked person. As soon as we walk out the door we are like teleported to a giant mansion. I fall backwards and smack my head on the ground.


“Owww” I whine as I sit up and rub the back of my head. The cloaked person just chuckles and disappears. I get up and walk inside. “Am I the first one here? This place looks great but like it hasn’t been touched in a year…….Now that I think about it but probably hasn’t” I mumble to myself as I set my stuff down and start cleaning cause the dirtiness is bothering me. Especially since the bar has dust all over it.


“Huh thats some old wine, and it’s full too. Guess no one who’s come here before wanted to drink. I’ll have to change that this year.” I mutter as I clean the bar. After a few hours the whole house is spotless so I put my things in the room I claimed and sit at the bar with a sketchbook and start drawing.


“Knock knock” Someone shouts as they walk in making me look up. I see a guy with pink hair walk in. He looks at me and waves at e and walks over. “Anyone else here yet?” He asks me. I go back to drawing and shake my head.


“Ahh okay then. I’m gonna go pick a room.” He says and stands up and walks upstairs. As I finish my drawing I stand up and make myself a pina colada then sit back down and take a sip then start drawing a forest with a lake and waterfall in the middle.


“Aren’t you too young to drink?” The guy asks as he comes back down.


“I’m twenty-two and work at a bar. I’m pretty sure I can drink.” I whisper as I take another sip while working on a tree.


“Anyone hear?” An annoyingly high pitched voice asks. Soon we see a girl walk in with light blue hair and hazel eyes walks into the room and looks at us. “Two people that’s it? At least one of you is cute.” She says and walks ver t the pink haired guy with a flirty look. “I’m Veronica what’s your name?” She asks while grabbing his arm.


“Emanuel.” He says and pulls away from her and sits beside me. “Also can I have a drink as well? Do you know how to make Mojitos?” He asks me. I nod and stand up then go around the bar and make him a Mojito then put it in front of him and sit back down.


“I want a strawberry smoothie” Veronica says as she sits on the other side of Emanuel.


“I make cocktails not smoothie’s sorry.” I mumble as I finish the forest and start working on the waterfall and pond.


“Oh sorry i thought they were the same thing I mean cocktails aren’t strong at all” She says and goes upstairs probably to pick a room.