The 15th Villa

The 15th Villa

Kassidy Snow, Lead Journalist


There is a ‘game’ called The Villa its where someone pays for seven girls and six guys to be sent to a beach side mansion for an entire year. The guys pick the girl they want to pair up with. There is a repairing a month after the first one in case some of the pairs don’t get along and the second time the girl picks. This is the story of the 15th Villa to happen in the span of Thirty years.


-Chapter One-

-Zena’s pov-

“Hey Casper!” I shout as I run over to my older brother.


“Hey lil sis how are you doing today?” Casper asks. I finally catch up to him and walk beside him.

“I’m fine what about you? I hear about Kristeen dumping you.” I ask worried about him.


“It’s fine” He sighs and looks down. He really liked Kristeen and I thought she liked him too. I guess not anymore. “Anyway the 15 Villa should start soon. I be you one of us are going to be picked. I hope it’s you. Your twenty-two and still have yet to have even a tiny crush on anyone!!” Casper shouts at me. I just laugh and shake my head.


“I’m not gonna be picked if anything you will be picked. Wait…….I could of just jinxed myself…….god damn it!” I shout at myself trying to make asper laugh. I hear him chuckle and know my goal has been completed.


“You’re an idiot you know that right: Casper laughs.


“Ehhhh I’d use weird but sure I’m an idiot.” I joke.


“Gosh I love you sis” Casper says and puts his arm around my shoulder. Once we get to the woods and start walking down the long drive way to our house I hear a weird noise.


“Uhhh what’s that??” I pause and look around. Something moves in the shadow of one of the trees and someone holds out a letter.


“Zena Gardener you have been chosen for the 15th Villa. Take this letter and read it carefully. You will be sent to the Villa in four hours so pack your things.” The persons says then disappears once I grab the letter.


“I told you” Casper whispers in my ear. He then walks me to the house as I’m in a hase. When we reach the house he walks me inside and sits me down as Mom walks over to us.

“What’s wrong?” She ask.


“Zena got chosen for the 15th Villa.” Casper explains. I look at the letter and open it.


Dear Zena Gardener,


You have been chosen for the 15th Villa. You have four hours after receiving this to pack personal items. We will have clothes there for you already. There will be six other females and six males. The males will chose a female to pair with at the first paring. If things go wrong there will be a second pairing a month later in case the first one was in accurate. Now go pack your things the Villa awaits.


“I have to pack personal item clothes will be provided.” I mumble.


“This is great sweety!! You are going to find your soulmate!”Mom says.