Standardized Testing

Standardized Testing

Virginian high school students will be taking standardized testing and SOL at the end of May. There have been different stances towards this testing, but I believe it is vital and necessary for many reasons. 

The most significant reason that we need standardized testing is that it is necessary to have a reliable means of students’ achievement without bias by humans. The multiple choice format produces accurate information. This lets the state focus on the crucial quota and removes activities that consume time.  93% of studies found positive effects. 

Furthermore, the standardized testing isn’t terribly hard.  It centers on the simplest life skills needed to master.  These skills are found in Math, History, Science, and Language Arts.

Also, the surveys demonstrate that most parents support standardized tests, and the majority of the students seem to see it as fair.

For all these reasons, standardized testing is something that should stay.