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David Henshaw, Sports Editor

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Boys Varsity Basketball season off to a great start.

Many people thought that the Warriors couldn’t defeat the Bruins due to the Bruin’s quick-strike ability, that has defeated other teams in the past. The Warriors had unlikely odds to win this game.  As well as a painful memory of last season. The Warriors ended up winning in a (55-40 FINAL) shootout. Boys Varsity coach Willie Gause has called these boys, “The Class Act” (Twitter, WILLIE GAUSE, 2018). The JV boys and girls, and the varsity girls ended up losing to the Bruins in a quadruple header matchup. Here are the rest of the scores…


Nov 27 (QUADRUPLE HEADER) *-Game of the Week

FINAL Basketball Girls JV (LOSS)-22 Bethel-53
FINAL Basketball Girls Varsity (LOSS)-33 Bethel-64
FINAL Basketball Boys JV (LOSS)-61 Bethel-73
FINAL Basketball Boys Varsity (WIN)-55 Bethel-40*