My Final Story and Farewell


David Henshaw, was one of our editors, he made sure he put the best into his reporting and did nothing less when it came to being an editor, congratulations David, good luck in your future endeavors.

David Henshaw, Senior (Class of 2020)

With the governor shutting down schools in Virginia for the rest of the school year, there were many fears of what will be happening to the Senior class of 2020. Here’s what happened… SOLs are cancelled, Multiple college tours also cancelled, Prom’s cancelled and Graduation ceremonies are all happening in a different way. Even though the school year was still going on, our class was not blindsided by this pandemic. Make sure to remember this year as the year the Kecoughtan Seniors and underclassmen adapted to one of the most interesting years ever, and came through with flying colors.

To my team, the people who have dedicated their time to making sure the school is well-informed, I would like to thank all of you. It was my privilege and honor to be one of the student-directors and the creator of the Sports Zone, a program I hope will continue after I have crossed “the stage”. I have done many great things at the school, I helped in the creation of the video Announcements, I established Tribal Times Sports as the editor, after which I helped in breaking the HCS record for the most sports stories by a student-ran newspaper, and I have created many great friendships with the people I know and worked with. 

I’ve acted as a mentor to most of my friends and as a student to some of them, I was glad to help change the cell phone policy at our school and help make the senior year of 2020, a year ended early, but one to remember, either way. As the last non-academies of Hampton class, we must remember that this is our year and we finished it strong, pandemic or otherwise. This school has been the greatest thing to happen and I hope that whoever takes over my duties as sports director and editor will give the same amount of dedication to sports that I gave the school, I’ve had the privilege to create sports media programs, shatter records, and with this being my Senior Farewell letter, in fact I am the only senior carry on this tradition, I just want to say, I wish nothing but the best for my successor.

Thank you for making me a better leader, journalist, and friend. 

David J. Henshaw

Sports journalist, Eagle Scout, Senior class Representative, friend, and Warrior For Life