Save your Money with Low Budget Colleges

Noah Triggs, Editor

Low Budget Colleges: What’s up with them and how to use them as an Advantage.

The cost of college tuition is one of the main obstacles when applying for college. They can be expensive. The costs can be different depending on whether the college is in or out of the state you live in, the years the you are enrolling for, whether you live on or off campus.


In this survey, the College Board reports the average pricing for colleges during 2018-19:

  • In-state, public: $25,890
  • Out-of-state, public: $41,950
  • Private: $52,500


This only for one academic year. It all adds up primarily from tuition fees (in-state public/out-of-state public/private), housing, meal plans, school supplies, transportation (public/private), and personal expenses.


In 2017-18, the average annual cost for cheap, inexpensive colleges is $5,733, more than $1,100 and less than $8,000. Most are cheaper due to being public institutions sponsored by state and city governments.


Over the last three decades, college tuition has increased by 1,120 percent. However, there are tuition-free colleges. These colleges offer free tuition or other financial assistance. One of these colleges is Alice Lloyd. While tuition is free, there are still costs and obstacles. On average, 18 percent of applicants are accepted and the cost of living in a dormitory is annually $1,900. No college is entirely free or without roadblocks.