The XFL is Back, This Time it’s Xperimental.


XFL promotion showing players in their team uniforms (left to right) LA Wildcats, Tampa Bay Vipers, Seattle Dragons, DC Defenders, New York Guardians, St. Louis Battlehawks, Houston Roughnecks, and Dallas Renegades.

David Henshaw, Sports Editor

Welcome Back, XFL

A system designed to fail in its first iteration back in 2001, the XFL has returned proposing new rule changes that have set them apart from the National Football League, rules they think will provide a more upbeat and exciting atmosphere for fans and the love of football. The XFL used to be known as the extremest form of American football and provided plenty of brutal hits to satisfy the bloodlust that sports fans share no matter what sport it is, however it could not finish its first season, like the now-deceased Alliance of American Football, it failed to receive the attention that even the NFL needs to stay relevant. 

That is no longer the case of the rebooted XFL, mostly because it has received contracts from the Disney-owned ABC and ESPN networks and the Fox Sports networks and FS1. No matter what other people say, those are actually the contracts needed to survive, however NBC and CBS have also shown interest in the XFL, CBS-owned NFL Network and CBS Sports were a part of the broadcasting contracts for the Alliance and ultimately ended up suffering for its disbandment.

As a result, CBS Sports have cut corners in their broadcasting, producing less college basketball games and even walking out on negotiations for the Southeastern Conference football games opening the doors for ESPN/ABC to increase their “media monopoly” on college football. 

The main question is how will teaming up with Disney and Fox help protect the re-established league from the same financial struggles that it faced 18 years ago? The answer, simple really, ESPN and Fox Sports racks up the most viewership than any other network or its sports division, the more viewership and ticket sales, the more money for the XFL and its players. 

Another thing that ESPN and Fox have helped the XFL in already is advertising, promoting programs such as, “the XFL on FOX” or “ESPN XFL” have taken excitement for the new league to levels not normally reached for a league that isn’t associated with the NFL, however, the NFL has helped the XFL when it comes to how to solve problems created with football, thanks to the XFL’s head of officiating, former NFL Replay official and vice-president of officiating, Dean Blandino. 

Blandino and the XFL have changed the traditional way of playing football to make it safer for the players and create less downtime to boost viewership, beyond levels, that the NFL has never seen. These new rules that the XFL are adding to their league are rules, that even I wish the NFL would explore the possibilities for these rules. If proven successful, would the XFL catch up to the popularity of the NFL? The short answer is no, while the long answer would involve the XFL doing literally everything the XFL does, and that’s not why the XFL was rebooted, it was, as they put it, “for the love of football” and being a complete copy of the NFL is not for the love of football. If the XFL is to succeed, it must remember why they are there, for the love of football. For short video on the new rules, go to



  • The XFL will launch on February 8th, with new rules that will create more excitement and less downtime, its inaugural season will begin at Audi Field in the D.C. area as the Seattle Dragons will face the D.C Defenders at 2pm on ABC.
  • The NBA’s all-stars will gather in Chicago, IL on February 16th for the 2020 NBA All-Star Weekend at 8:00pm on TNT.
  • Defending women’s soccer World Cup champion, Team USA will battle it out in the CONCACAF qualifiers against Costa Rica for the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Games.
  • The 2020 MLB Spring Training is just one week away, beginning at Ft. Meyers in Florida with intercollegiate Northeastern University Huskies and MLB’s Boston Red Sox at 1:05 on February 21st.
  • NASCAR returns for the Great American Race, the Daytona 500 on February 16th, green flag expected at 2:30pm on FOX.