Helping the School Environment

Noah Triggs

As the school year progresses, it becomes easy to forget about the many things that make our school environment enjoyable and pleasant. At times, it is helpful to recall some of the things that ensure a safe, clean, pleasant school environment. 

A safe and clean environment is proven to be positively correlated with better grades and more academic success.  Furthermore, a positive school environment makes all students feel safe and able to focus on their day. Considering how your actions and choices influence those around you is an important aspect of being a good citizen. 

 Some of the ways you can be a good citizen and contribute to a clean and safe environment are as follows:

  • Throw our trash in the trash can (not on the water water fountains, in the toilets, or in the sinks)
  • Don’t leave the remains of food and beverages in hallways.
  • Keep the bathrooms clean.
  • Be aware of how use of profanity can impact others and make other people feel. 


Following these examples can maintain an ideal environment for all students to learn and all teachers to teach.