Washington D.C. The District of Champions.


Brett Coomer, Houston Chronicle

Washington Nationals pitcher Stephen Strasburg (37) and Washington Nationals catcher Kurt Suzuki (28) hug as they are presented the Commissioner’s Trophy after the Nationals win Game 7 of the World Series at Minute Maid Park on Wednesday, Oct. 30, 2019, in Houston.

David Henshaw, Sports Editor

The Washington Nationals are World Series Champions

The Washington Nationals have won their first-ever World Series title, this is the second-ever title for the District, the first being the Senators winning the Fall Classic in 1924. The road to Baseball’s version of immortality has not been easy. It all started with the abrupt exit of current Phillies star, Bryce Harper. Most people would think that the Nationals were nothing without Harper, I myself thought that. The Nationals now equipped with new sluggers such as, Juan Soto, Trea Turner, who stole a base during this World Series as a way to get free tacos from Taco Bell’s Steal a Base, Steal a Taco, to new pitchers such as Ryan Scherzer, and 2019 World Series MVP, Stephen Strasburg.

However, that would not pay off in the beginning of the season, when they were shut out by the New York Mets during Opening Day, they would then be blown out by the Mets and slightly win against them by the end of Opening Week. They would face their old teammate again, when the nationals claimed the series 4-3. Through an awful 93-69 record, just limping their way to the National League Wild Card, the Nationals would prove to be formidable without Harper. 

After the regular season came to a close, with the defending World Series Champion, Boston Red Sox, not able to push through, the title was up for grabs and you had eight other teams, Yankees, Rays, Astros, Twins, Athletics, Brewers, Braves, Cardinals, and Dodgers. The Nationals’ postseason would begin with their sudden death game against the Brewers, they would beat the Brewers, by a staggering 4-3 walk-off win. They would begin the Division Series facing the Dodgers, they would, at first be shutout 0-6, they would win the overall series 3-2, after a cardiac game that fell into extra innings. They would be going onto the team’s first-ever Conference Series, where they would sweep the St. Louis Cardinals, after a close 7-3 victory. Meanwhile, the Houston Astros and New York Yankees were still battling, Houston would end up winning the series 4-2.

Moving onto the World Series, the Houston Astros played on their home turf for the first two games and would get beaten by the Nationals, then it would move to the nation’s capital, where the Nationals looked to sweep Houston, but Astros beat the Nationals at home, getting the Astros to take the lead at 3-2. Moving on to Game 6, back to Houston we go. However, the Nationals tied the series 3-3 after an insane 7-2 victory. What you just read, was the first ever postseason to have almost the entire series end in away wins. Game 7, here we go, the Astros looked to repeat, while the Nationals looked to reclaim. It started in an average singles game with the Astros leading by two runs. The Nats would achieve in dominating the Astros outfield, by making them create two errors. the Nationals would get finally home, reclaiming the lead at 3-2. The Nationals would then extend the lead 6-2, after Anthony Rendon and Howie Kendrick made the final Homers of the game. 

After Astros’ Jose Altuve would hit a high fly ball to the outfield where Kurt Suzuki was standing by and ended the 7th inning. The 8th and 9th inning were actually pretty casual, The game and series ended the same way last year’s did, two casual pop-outs and surrounded by a silent and anticipating crowd, Daniel Hudson made the final pitch to strike out Michael Brantley, the Nationals would then storm the field of the home team and celebrate their first ever World Series title. Stephen Strasburg would win the World Series MVP award, and along with that the 2020 Chevrolet Mid-Engine Corvette Stingray in “Nationals Red” (He can’t actually drive one until Chevy builds them though) and Juan Soto lifted up the Commissioner’s Trophy just after turning 21 Years old. Meanwhile, Gerrit Cole of the Astros, the pitcher that got them to the World Series thanked his fans, team, family, and owner and ultimately announced his long-predicted free agency. 

The first-ever title for the Nationals is important, but what is most important is that no NBA, NHL, or MLB postseason championship has ever ended with all seven games ending in on-the-road wins, home teams normally have a 65% chance at winning the game, just because their home. It seems that Home-Field Advantage in this World Series is quite honestly, a myth. The Washington Nationals rejoin their predecessors, the Senators, with their first World Series title, while joining the Redskins three Super Bowls, Capitals one Stanley Cup, Wizards one Finals, Mystics one WNBA Finals, and the D.C. United four MLS Cups, setting up Washington D.C. as the District of Champions.


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  • The Kecoughtan boys volleyball would be shutout by Menchville 0-3, on Thursday during their season finale and Senior Night.
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