Homecoming & Spirit Week Reflection


Audrey Ronsonet

Picture of the Kecoughtan Warrior Marching Band and NJROTC color guard officers during the 2019 Homecoming game against Denbigh.

Richard Oben, Social Media Editor

From the exciting morning of Monday to the relaxing night of Friday, this year’s Homecoming week is one to be remembered for years. During this week, the SCA planned out a schedule for Spirit Week, which was included during the week of the homecoming game, parade, and dance. In the schedule for Spirit Week, there were special themes for each day, leading up to the dance.

On the first day of homecoming week, Monday, the theme was “Adidas vs. Nike.” Most of our beloved Kecoughtan athletes participated in wearing their favorite clothing of Adidas or Nike. Some wore hoodies or shoes from either of the brands.

The first of October arrives on Tuesday, and with it, it brings the theme of the Past vs. the Present. When students arrived in the morning to school, they would most likely see their fellow classmates dressed in flashy clothing from the 80s, cowboys from the Wild West, and old school rappers from the 90s. Students who participated in this theme definitely took advantage in creating unique costumes for their favored time period.

Halfway through the week, students showed their love for Disney or Nickelodeon by wearing clothing that had a connection to one of the film production studios. Some students chose to dress up as recognizable characters such as the aliens from Toy Story and some Mickey Mouse characters. In fact, the Newspaper Club’s Head Editor, Takira Walker, dressed up as Disney’s Minnie Mouse in the morning announcements.

Thursday was the day before the homecoming dance and the day where the very first 2019-2020 school year pep rally was held in the gym. On this day, almost half of Kecoughtan’s students participated in this day’s theme by wearing a green and white outfit to show Kecoughtan’s school spirit. In addition to this, students also wore face paint to further show their love for Kecoughtan. Near the end of the school day, two pep rallies were held. In these two rallies, our usual schedule occurred: first the band played some tunes, our athlete highlights, and our spirit yell, in which our Seniors won. In addition to this, the homecoming dance courts were announced. For our Freshmen class we had Michael Smith as Prince and Kaelin Adcock as Princess. Our Sophomore class had Jakari Mozelle as Prince and Alycia Thorpe as Princess. Next, our Junior class had Eric Ames as Prince and Sarah-Michelle Newton as Princess. Finally, for our Senior class, we had Jordan Toombs as Prince, Rachel Campbell as Princess, and Chauntanay Thorpe as Queen.

Finally, on Friday, October 4, we had spirit week’s final theme: Mathletes vs. Athletes. On this day, students wore outfits that represent a smart student or an athlete. In addition to this, Friday was also an early release day, meaning that students were anxiously waiting for the short day to end. However, most were also anxiously waiting for the homecoming dance that took place later that night. The dance itself was held from 7 until 10 p.m. that night and it was an absolute blast. Over 500 students attended the dance in the gym, many of them outfitted in glamorous suits and tuxedos. The gym had a DJ playing some groovy beats for the attendees to dance to. Outside the gym, in the 800 hall, there was a concession stand where students could purchase a variety of refreshments. There was also an area in the 800 hall where students could take pictures with their friends; this area had a large green background and props for students to hold in their pictures. Overall, the dance seemed to be a huge success for the SCA; they truly put a bunch of hard work and effort into making this homecoming dance the best one in recent years.