Dear Mom

A creative writing piece.


Caitlyn Munyon, Creative Writing Editor

The high of a chosen drug is what gets the weak and gullible hooked. The feeling of letting loose and feeling yourself let go of all the tension and stress that you didn’t know you had. Although the high makes you feel all-mighty and very, very powerful, when that high ends you come crashing down to the pathetic world you were trying to escape from once before. You can’t stop thinking about that wonderful place you once visited after taking such a despicable drug. It feels good in the moment though so it doesn’t matter all that much to you, but to your family and friends, it matters all too much. Imagine how difficult it must be for them to wake one morning just to find out you overdosed on that pitiful drug that made you feel absolutely amazing right before you left the world. Mom, was that high worth it? Was it worth leaving my sister and I behind to go visit the angel you were trying to get in touch with all this time? You left us, Mom. I miss you and I wish I could’ve helped you before you took the last high you would ever get to feel in this life. It wasn’t your fault, of course, this cruel life caused this disease of addiction. You were in search of something better than family to make you feel superior to the wastelands of your mind. In some aspects, I can understand but sometimes it’s too hard to get that type of sadness that was circulating your brain twenty-four seven. Depression- I believe it was called. Moreover, I miss you even more today. Everybody is celebrating the beautiful woman that gave birth to them by getting them something or taking them somewhere, but I am sitting here writing this at your tombstone trying my hardest to not cry for the fifth time today. I don’t hate you but I hate the actions you chose. Maybe I am supposed to hate you for making me live the rest of my life motherless, too early, but I cannot be so hateful to someone I hardly knew. Perhaps in our next lives, we can live completely different by making new decisions and finding something unharmful to make us feel that high that you needed so badly being a young mother. Happy Mothers’ Day, Mom. Rest in peace with the angels.

Sincerely, your daughter.