They’re not in Darling This Week.

Photo of last year’s matchup of Kecoughtan and Warwick.

Daily Press

Photo of last year’s matchup of Kecoughtan and Warwick.

David Henshaw, Sports Editor

Varsity Football in First Game Away From Darling Stadium.

Celebrating their first win of the season, during Homecoming at Darling Stadium, the Kecoughtan Warriors will be walking onto a different field as they will face the Warwick Raiders at Todd Stadium. After Homecoming, the Warriors’ rankings improved, as expected. Nationally, Kecoughtan(1-5) is 11,804th and Warwick(3-3) is 7,837th, while in the VHSL, Kecoughtan is 304th and Warwick 189th. Representing the 5A, Kecoughtan is 53rd and in the 4A, Warwick is 34th. Both teams are coming off of good wins and hope to continue that streak with a victory tonight. Team rankings are presented by MaxPreps

Let’s review when they last met, the Kecoughtan Warriors would beat the Warwick Raiders by a score of 22-19 on October 18th, 2018. The Kecoughtan defense did good in making Warwick fumble the ball with a 35 yard touchdown return from the fumble, while the offense made it on the board with a 72 yard rushing touchdown. 

In fact, all offensive TDs during the game were made by rushing, however the defense made the game-winning safety by forcing the Warwick running back back into the Warrior endzone, however the offense couldn’t do anything, and the Warrior defense made the final hit that would intercept the ball  meant for the wide receiver corp, the Kecoughtan offense would knee the ball to end the game.

However, this is a new game and the Kecoughtan offense has struggled against teams with unbreakable defenses, that has recorded more than six sacks and four interceptions. Meanwhile the Kecoughtan defense has done a good job in pressuring the Quarterbacks of Bethel, Gloucester, Jamestown, and Denbigh. However, in the second half, the defense gets caught with penalties and mainly let the running backs slip through their line. If kecoughtan hopes to win, they must become disciplined and stay at the caliber they’re at during the first half. After Warwick, they will return to Todd Stadium to face the Woodside Wolverines.