Former Kecoughtan Outfielder in First MLB Postseason.


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Twins’ Outfielder Jake Cave at bat, Photo Credit: MSN Sports

David Henshaw, Sports Editor

Kecoughtan Graduate on Twins and in the Pennant Race.

Former Kecoughtan Outfielder, Jake Cave of the Minnesota Twins, joins former Patriots linebacker, Jerod Mayo, as the only Kecoughtan Alumni to be placed on a playoff schedule of one of the major sport leagues. Of course, Jerod Mayo earned three varsity letters, due to his 110 tackles, 1,245 rushing yards and 13 Touchdowns, he would later go on to win Super Bowl XLIX with the New England Patriots, a team that has never missed the NFL playoffs since 2008, when Mayo was drafted. 

Jake Cave had a different path, starting out at the Hampton Christian High School, where he had a perfect 10-0, through a 1.23 Earned Running Average (ERA), 109 strikeouts, and 61 innings pitched. Before he was transferred to Kecoughtan for his Junior year, he would win the World Wooden Bat Association’s Under-16 national title. During his Senior year at Kecoughtan, he had a .609 batting average, earning him Peninsula District and Daily Press Player of the Year Award. He would spend his summer after Graduation with the Coastal Plain League, on the Peninsula Pilots. Not much is said about his college career, however he was drafted by the New York Yankees, 209th overall in the sixth round of the 2011 MLB Draft.

He signed with them and his first professional baseball game, on the MLB Rookie League, Gulf Coast Yankees. He fractured his kneecap in a collision at home plate, he had to sit out for the rest of the 2011 and the complete 2012 Yankees baseball season. He was sent down to the Minor Leagues, starting on the Charleston Riverdogs in 2013, when he returned to a different diamond, he would 113 games, making a .347 batting average, two Home Runs, and 31 Runs Batted In (RBI). In 2014, he was transferred to the Tampa Yankees, he finished that season with .354 batting average, three Home Runs, and 24 RBIs through 90 games. After that, he was promoted to the Trenton Thunder, he brought in .273 batting average, four Home Runs, and 18 RBIs, coming from 42 games. 

He would return to the MLB, however, he would begin in the International League on the Rochester Red Wings. He completed the 2015 season, after the season, the Cincinnati Reds would draft him in the Rule V Draft, due to their roster being incomplete, he wouldn’t be added to the Opening Day roster and he was traded back to the Yankees. He was added to the 2017 roster. He would only play 6 games, he was then signed by the Minnesota Twins for the 2018 season, he completed 2018 with 13 Home Runs and lead the MLB in Average Distance per Home Run at 421 feet. He would go back to the Minors, then resigned back to the Twins, a month later. Jake Cave is also the first ever Kecoughtan baseball player to go pro, while also establishing the record of Kecoughtan alumni in the MLB Postseason. The American League Central Division champions, Minnesota Twins at seed #3 are set to play the #2 New York Yankees in the American League Diamond Series (ALDS) on Friday, October 4th, on the MLB Network.