18 Years Later, how the Sports World Reacted to September 11th

In the midst of tragedy, the American people found a sense of normalcy in sports and a sense of unity that would last years to come.


FDNY Firefighters hoisting the American Flag at the recovery site at Ground Zero of the World Trade Center.

David Henshaw, Sports Editor

Photo of the World Trade Center during the September 11th attacks from New Jersey.


September 11th, 2001, a clear and normal day, until at 8:46 AM, when Flight 11 (81 passengers and 8 crew members) crashed into the North tower of the World Trade Center in New York City, at 9:03 AM, Flight 175 (56 passengers and 9 crew members) crashed into the south tower.






Photo of the western side of the Pentagon after the attacks.


Flight 77 (58 passengers and 6 crew members) crashed into the western side of the Pentagon in Arlington, VA at 9:37 AM. The south tower began to collapse 9:59 AM killing multiple civilians on the streets.




View of the plane that would be forever known as Flight 93, the plane that possessed passengers that fought back the hijackers.


And Flight 93 (37 passengers and 7 crew members), which its passengers fought heroically in retaking control of the plane before it would hit Washington D.C. In the 24 hours after the attacks, no crime was committed in the United States, as everyone was unified in the face of a common enemy.





Chris Creamer’s Sportslogos
Memorial ribbon used by the NFL after the September 11th attacks. worn by players and coaches.



A week after the attacks, the NFL rescheduled the week 2 games for later on in January, the season went on with week 3, when the National Anthem was played during those games, first responders and military were at the center of attention, due to the heroic actions of the NYPD, FDNY, DC Metro, and Arlington Police Dept. In response to the September 11th attacks, the NFL also redesigned the Super Bowl logo for that year (XXXVI) to make it more patriotic. It remains the only Super Bowl logo to be officially redesigned by the NFL, it was also the first Super Bowl to be played in February, due to the rescheduled Week 2 games, which happened in January. As a result the NFL made the Super Bowl in the first Sunday in February in remembrance of the tragedy that occurred only five months ago, during that time. In the Super Bowl, the Halftime Show with U2, honoring the victims of the attacks as the theme, during the concert a massive white banner rose behind the band, it displayed the names of the victims from the attacks. The New England Patriots would defeat the St. Louis Rams, 20-17, giving the Patriots their first title in the Super Bowl Era.





The patch that the MLB used to commemorate the victims and remember.



The attack also affected the MLB, which was near the end of its regular season, also spent a week to reflect on the attacks. The regular season didn’t end until October 7th. the World Series which was the Arizona Diamondbacks vs the New York Yankees, whom was still reeling from the attacks, the Diamondbacks would win it in the infamous, best of seven format. It remains the only World Series to end in November. During that time all clubs worn a patch to commemorate the victims of the tragedy.





9/11 Memorial ribbon dorned a car with an American Flag design.



NASCAR, still reeling from the death of Dale Earnhardt Sr, was once again trying to cope with another tragedy. The originally scheduled race was in New Hampshire, instead it was moved to late November and the MNBA Cal Ripken Jr. 400 race from Dover, an hour and 53 minutes from the Pentagon and the wreckage of Flight 77, was the first race after September 11th, it was done on September 23rd. All cars were adorned with patriotic designs and decals.




9/11 American Flag patch worn on jerseys by the Washington Capitals



While the National Hockey League was not yet to begin to its regular season was in the preseason, however that didn’t stop them for showing their pride behind American teams’ nets, the ice was painted red, white, and blue and on September 30th, during a game between the Philadelphia Flyers (Flight 93) and the hometown New York Rangers (WTC), in the middle of a tie, a message from President George W. Bush about the attacks was shown on the arena screens, the game would be stopped and end in the 2-2 tie. the players would wear a ribbon patch on their jerseys and on a sticker decal on their helmets of a 9/11 memorial ribbon.

A patch won by MLS coaches and players, depicts the American Flag as a background with the Statue of Liberty shrouded in darkness




In the MLS, the final regular season games were cancelled due to the attacks, the playoffs started on September 26th, as normal as they could’ve made it. The New York MetroStars (New York Red Bulls) played in the playoffs, they would lose to the Los Angeles Galaxy. DC United would not make it to the playoffs. the players and coaches wore September 11th ribbons all the way to the MLS Cup, which was played on October 21st, the San Jose Earthquakes would win its first MLS Cup.






American Flag ribbon worn on LA Lakers jersey.


During the entire season, from Preseason to Finals, the players and coaches of the NBA wore jerseys bearing an American flag memorial ribbon. the only that didn’t wear them were the Toronto Raptors, instead theirs beared a ribbon with the American and Canadian flags, showing a sign of unity between the two countries. The New Jersey Nets would end up losing to the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA Finals on June 12th of 2002, with Shaquille O’Neal (Finals MVP)






Thanks to the resiliency of the sports world, 2001 ended with a nation and a people unified.

Kecoughtan Falls to Jamestown Through Last-minute Field Goal.

Kecoughtan came into the game 0-1, though favorites to win, unlike the game against Hampton. The Warriors made two turnovers from the Eagles offense and scored with a 22-yard dash for the end zone. The Eagles ended up winning the game with a 15-yard field goal. Through a handful of penalties on both teams, the Warriors managed to gain a significant 32 yards after carries. 

After a forced fumble by the Warrior defense, the Warriors gained a 15 yard First Down pass to the wide receivers. The Kecoughtan Warriors next game is Friday at Darling Stadium against the Phoebus Phantoms, Phoebus in the #3 spot for the 3A Division is favored to win the game by local press. It’s still early in the season and the Warriors need a win to even stand a chance against the rest of the VHSL. So for right now, the Warriors fall to 0-2 and Jamestown advances up 1-1 as they will face the Smithfield Packers.



  • The varsity field hockey team opened at home by defeating the Crabbers 12-0 on Wednesday of last week before the schedules were pushed over to the next week.
  • The varsity Field Hockey team shutout Bethel on Tuesday, by a score of 1-0.
  • The Boys and Girls Volleyball teams lost Gloucester, 0-3.
  • The JV Field Hockey team lost to Lafayette, by a score of 0-4.