The 15th Villa (Part 4)

The 15th Villa (Part 4)

Kassidy Snow, Lead Journalist


“Man everyone’s so slow in getting here” Aiden says right as a bunch of others walk in.


“Oof. I think everyone else just walked in.” Salana grins.


“Well then. We can finally start getting to know you guys so we can choose.” Aiden says causing the other guys to nod.


“How about a game of twenty-one questions?” Maliya suggests. We all nod and sit down with her as the guy from the library comes down and joins us.


“Okay Zena you start since you were here first.” Emanuel says. I just nod and look at them all.


“Hmmm. What are your favorite colors? Mine are Purple and Black.” I say.


“Blue and Green.” Salana.


“Red and Black.” Kalama.


“Orange and Cyan.” Aiden.


“Cyan and Magenta.” Maliya.




“Black and blue.” Grayson.


“Red and blue” Soren.


“Black and Yellow”Lyn.


“Purple and Turquoise”Lauren.


“Green and Light blue” Cain.


“Black and Crimson”Kaia.


“Turquoise and Dark Purple”Emanuel.


“I’ll go next.” Grayson says. “What is your favorite game? Mine is COD.”


“Halo: Combat Evolved” I mutter.


“Into gun games eh? Do you like COD?” Grayson asks.


“I’m the best sniper you’ll ever be shot by.” I grin.


“The best sniper I’ve ever been shot by so far has been this chick with the name WolvernReaper” Grayson mentions.


“Oh wow. I’ve killed you before.” I say surprised.


“Wait! Your WolverReaper!?!?” Aiden shouts.


“Uhhh yeah. Ooo if we have time I can show you how to get to some of my sniper spots.” I grin.


“That would be nice, maybe I can finally beat you.” Grayson says.


“Doubt it. I won’t show you my better ones and I can snipe you from the ones I’m going to show you.” I snicker.


“You little cheater.” Aiden chuckles.