The 15th Villa (Part 3)

The 15th Villa (Part 3)

Kassidy Snow, Lead Journalist


“Don’t listen to her she’s a-” Emanuel goes to say when he is cut off by two people walking in.


“HELLO PEOPLE~” A girl with red hair screams as she walks over to us.


“Salana shut up!” A guy with brown hair says as he walks over following the girl. I cringe and move behind the bar and slightly hide from the newcomers.


“Why are you hiding?” Emanuel asks.


“Because Salana probably scared her” The guy says while rolling his eyes.


“Shut up Aiden” Salana growls with an annoyed look as she sits down.


“But really why did you go to hide” Aiden asks as he sits down and crosses his ankles and steals Emanuels drink and waterfalls it before sliding it back over to him.


“I’m shy” I mumble while sinking further under the bar.


“Awwww thats so adorbs!!!!” Salana yells and reaches over the bar and grabs me by my arms. She then pulls me over the bar and hugs me while i’m forced to sit on her lap like a small child. “I am never letting you go!!”


“I’m 22 ma’am!!” I say while trying to get away from the crazy person holding me.


“I don’t care! I’m 26 which means I’m older than you so your my child now!!” Salana squeals.


“Someone get me away from this crazy person!” I pout as I look at the others with puppy dog eyes.


“Awww Okay that’s adorable. I’ll help you.” Emanuel says as he grabs me and pulls me from Salana’s grip.


“Wow there’s another fraochÚn here…….great” Veronica says as she comes back down the stairs. Salana glares daggers at her while Aiden scowls. I frown and get out of Emanuels grip as she walks to the couch in the living room and turns on the TV.


“You do know we all understood that. Right?” Emanuel asks her.


“Oh I know. I just don’t care!!” She says with a giggle and changes the channel to a romance movie.


“Ughhhhh I’m going outside.” Salana says. I get up and walk upstairs to the library then sit down in a bean bag and read a book on a nearby shelf. After a few hours someone else walks into the library.


“Don’t mind me the girl in the living room is too annoying.” The male says and sits down at the little table in the middle with a book. He reads as well as we basically ignore one another. I finish the book and put it back then leave the library being as quiet as i can so i don’t disturb the guy who was reading at the table. Once out I walk down stairs and see veronica has disappeared.